10 reasons why eating ice cream can also be very good for your health

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Ice cream is healthy!

Healthy may be a bit of an exaggeration, but ice cream is certainly not unhealthy. It is true that it contains a lot of sugars, but in addition the base is made of ice cream, eggs and milk. Milk and eggs provide important building blocks, such as proteins and amino acids. Fruit flavored ice cream often contains vitamin C. You can find this vitamin in fruits, vegetables and potatoes and is good for the resistance.

Health benefits of Ice cream

1. Lose Weight

Ice often contains a lot of calcium and this mineral is just necessary for a well-functioning metabolism. There is even a study that found that eating low-fat ice cream daily promotes weight loss.

2. Vitamins and Minerals

Ice cream contains a lot of milk and cream. These ingredients are high in vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium, vitamin B2, and phosphorus. In addition, it depends on the taste of the ice cream, which extra vitamins you will get. For example, vanilla beans are high in antioxidants and some magnesium.

3. Brain

We wrote before that eating ice cream for breakfast will give your brain a boost. People in one study were much more alert after eating ice cream.

4. Energy

Ice cream often contains a lot of sugar and yes, although sugar may not be very healthy, it does give you energy. This is why you can easily eat an ice cream before a heavy workout, for example.

5. Bones

Eating ice cream will make your bones and teeth stronger. This is, of course, due to the calcium in ice cream.

6. Immune System

Ice cream belongs to the fermented products. This means that your body can absorb hard-to-digest food more easily. The good bacteria in such products can break down substances that burden your digestive system. As a result, you will be less likely to suffer from annoying cramps and bloating.

7. Fertility

Ice can increase your fertility. Eating ice cream with a high fat content could make it easier for you to get pregnant.

8. Happiness

Ice cream makes you happy. This is because serotonin is produced and this creates a positive feeling.

9. Breast Cancer

Some forms of breast cancer have to do with a calcium abnormality. Do you think you are not getting enough calcium? First of all, always contact your doctor. An extra ice cream in the meantime can’t hurt.

10. Libido

Ice increases your libido. So it is an excellent idea to eat an ice cream with your partner. This is because ice contains a lot of phosphorus. Phosphorus keeps your testosterone level up and your sex drive will increase.

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