9 Health Benefits of Dragon fruit

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Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit has a number of health benefits, including the ability to help lose weight, improve digestion, lower cholesterol, strengthen the immune system and increase energy levels. Dragon fruit also helps prevent cancer and heart disease, and protects the body against bacteria and fungi.

About dragon fruit?

Dragon fruit (pitaya, pitahaya) is an exotic and very tasty fruit that is often considered a tropical “super food”. It originates, for example, in Mexico, South America and Central America, but the settlers of the so-called New World probably brought this fruit to Southeast Asia, such as Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines, where it became an important part of the diet.

Dragon fruit is available in three varieties: red skin with red flesh, red skin with white flesh and yellow skin with white flesh. Dragon fruits are both sweet and sour, depending on the species, shape and size. The most common form of dragon fruit is a red fruit covered with wide pointed growths. When cut, it has a similar texture to kiwi and the pulp is full of small black seeds that help improve digestion. The pulp of the fruit is used to make wine and other beverages, and the leaves of the dragon fruit are used to make a healthy form of tea. The coarse outer skin has little nutritional value and is not normally eaten.

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

1. Fight against cancer

Several studies have shown that dragon fruit is full of unique antioxidants (most of which occur in dragon fruit seeds) and that these antioxidants have the ability to prevent the negative activities of free radicals, compounds associated with cancer. In addition, this fruit is rich in vitamin C, which can suppress the growth of tumors and increase the energy levels of people who are fighting some type of cancer. This exotic fruit supports the body’s efforts to eliminate toxins and heavy metals, which is another cause of cancer.

2. Reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems

Dragon fruit seeds contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, mostly omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids. These are relatively healthy and stabilize triglyceride levels, reducing the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease.

3. Support of metabolism and digestion

Studies confirm that dragon fruit is rich in fiber, which promotes satiety, helps regulate digestive processes and protects against indigestion.

4. Support of the immune system

Dragon fruit supports our immunity thanks to the vitamins (B3, B2, B1, A) and minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorus) it contains. In addition, the fiber contained in the fruit promotes the health of the digestive system, in which immunity begins. The antioxidants in the fruit also fight viruses and bacteria.

5. Healthy eyesight

The fruit contains vitamin A, which is needed for the retina. A direct consequence of this vitamin deficiency is night blindness or macular degeneration.

6. Nervous system support

This results in a significant amount of vitamin B, which affects the formation of nerve cells and helps maintain important structures in our nervous system. The activity of the nervous system is also supported by calcium, which is also contained in the fruit. It keeps the nerves in healthy condition.

7. Healthy teeth and bones

In addition to calcium, as mentioned above, fruit also contains phosphorus. These two minerals have a positive effect on our teeth and bones.

8. Radiant skin

Fruit seeds are an excellent source of mono unsaturated fats. Several scientific studies have confirmed that these fats have a positive effect on the structure and appearance of human skin.

9. Fight against aging

These fruits are full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, which is why many people say dragon fruit as a natural anti-aging product. Antioxidants found in dragon fruit fight free radicals in various parts of the body. As already mentioned, free radicals are one of the causes of many diseases and health problems and also accelerate skin aging.

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