Constipation: 10 tips to completely eliminate constipation

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Can’t empty yourself properly? Do you have problems with hard stools, or do you happen that you do not go for a big need for several days? In that case, you may have a problem called constipation.

How often should I go to the toilet?

There is clearly no right number of how often you should perform a great need, a well-established practice for a healthy person is that he has stool at least once a day. However, there are also people who go to great needs after every meal. In this case, it is important to monitor the consistency of the stool – if the stool has a firm shape and emptying is not caused by pain or cramps, then everything is fine, even if you go to the toilet after each meal.

However, if your stool is thin or is accompanied by a stab in the abdomen, your body signals that everything is not right, it probably does not even receive all the nutrients from food. Then there is a reason to adjust digestion.

Constipation – do you know why it occurs?

Stools that are fine should have a firm consistency , should not be watery, yellow, green, and should not have blood in any way. You should not feel uncomfortable when emptying – if the stool is too hard, you have to put more strain on the pressure, which is not natural and should not be the case.

If your stool is hard, you don’t go to a big need every day, you even sometimes have a break of several days in emptying, focus on solving this problem.

There can be many reasons for constipation – the most important, of course, are a diet low in fiber and oilseeds, or a poor drinking regime.

Constipation often also occurs for psychological reasons or due to lack of exercise . Constipation also occurs during stress and expectations – for example before an exam, a job meeting and the like.

If it happens to you that you can’t go on a big one in a foreign environment, it’s also a mental block that is very common – you may worry about poor hygiene in the new environment or you just need to empty your experienced privacy, which is natural. Be careful, however, if it should take you the whole holiday.

What is the risk if your stool is not regular?

If you have ever experienced constipation, you will definitely remember the feeling of bloated belly, bloating, simply a feeling of fullness. After the body is not emptied for several days, the person feels heavy, swollen, and constipation is often accompanied by pain in the intestines, especially in the left side. This is a general discomfort of the organism .

People who suffer from constipation often also suffer from overweight and hormonal changes. A common complication associated with long-term constipation is insufficient absorption of nutrients (onset of anemia, lack of vitamins and minerals).

What happens inside the body during constipation?

Content that does not get out of the body accumulates in the large intestine. Non-excreted food in the gut goes through putrefaction processes. The longer it is in contact with the intestinal mucosa, the more dangerous it is – the intestinal mucosa is exposed to pressure and cracks may appear on it. There is also a risk of tearing the rectum.

A common consequence of chronic constipation is diverticulitis – an inflammatory disease of the large intestine. There are growths (diverticula) in the intestine (especially in its weakened parts), which, if ignited, can cause serious problems associated with severe abdominal pain and rectal bleeding.

What helps with constipation?

The purpose of our article is not just to describe the processes and problems associated with constipation. Our goal is to give you effective and simple advice to help you get rid of constipation and correct your defecation so that you do not face health problems.

People who suffer from constipation most often resort to drugs that quickly relieve them – laxatives . Although they can solve acute constipation and help a person to empty quickly, they do not solve the causes of constipation. Frequent use of laxatives can also harm you – they increase the risk of dehydration of the body and gradually worsen the absorption of nutrients.

The tips we will give you for constipation mainly include natural substances and herbs. These are gentle methods without side effects, the observance of which will not hurt you. If following these tips becomes natural for you, the constipation will disappear completely.

1. Water

We consider a sufficient drinking regime to be the basis in the fight against constipation. The older the patient, the more likely it is that there is a lack of fluids in the body (older people drink much less) and the greater the incidence of constipation. The first change you have to make in your life is taking fluids – ideally pure water, or unsweetened herbal tea. For many people, coffee also helps to eliminate constipation – its stimulating effects work well on intestinal peristalsis.

2. Fiber

if we supplement the body with fiber, food processing and peristalsis will also improve. A teaspoon of psyllium dissolved in water daily will cause a significant change in your emptying after only a few days. Flaxseed (crush, chew and drink with a glass of water) or chia seeds (again with water) have the same effect as psyllium on movement in the intestines. All of these substances bind food residues in the digestive tract and help them get out of the body. Let’s not forget about vegetables and fruits, especially in the raw state. Studies show that people who eat mostly plant-based foods do not suffer from constipation at all or only very rarely.

3. Abdominal Massage

In case of problems with constipation, it helps to massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction – blood circulation in these areas is supported. You can use sesame oil for massaging, it is advisable to warm the abdomen before the massage (thermophore, warm towel)

4. Oilseeds

To eliminate constipation, add foods high in oilseeds to the diet: we recommend sesame virgin olive oil, ground poppy seeds but also omega 3 acids in nutritional supplements.

5. Dried Fruits

Prunes, dates or figs supply fiber to the body and support intestinal peristalsis.

6. Aloe vera

Quality aloe vera gel is a strong acute helper.

7. Herbs for constipation

If constipation is accompanied by cramps, reach for mint. Burdock root tea, dandelion root, nettle, marshmallow, licorice are also suitable. All these herbal teas have a supportive effect on digestion.

8. Movement and exercise

Intestinal peristalsis is sometimes stopped due to lack of movement. We therefore recommend a walk or exercise of at least half an hour every day. Suitable positions include deep squats – “sit” in this position for a few minutes a day to support emptying!

9. Diet suitable for constipation

as we have already mentioned – compile the diet so that it does not lack foods rich in fiber, oils and water. An excellent tip against constipation is, for example, thin oatmeal. From spices we recommend cinnamon, cardamom and quality cocoa.

10. Probiotics

slow digestion can be the cause of constipation.Supplement probiotic cultures – either in a natural way (kefir, brynza …) or with the help of nutritional supplements.

Other reasons for constipation

Constipation and bowel problems are more common in women. The period when constipation occurs most often is pregnancy. This is related to a change in hormonal balance and the pressure of the growing belly on the digestive tract. During pregnancy, you should avoid laxatives when treating constipation – this will protect your baby. We recommend betting on the natural anti-constipation drugs and anti-constipation herbs we described above.

Whether constipation occurs regularly, but is only an occasional problem, we are glad that you were inspired by our advice from a natural pharmacy. We believe that thanks to these tips, you will get rid of constipation and difficult emptying.

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