Five reasons not to underestimate the common cold: pneumonia and death

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Go to work, get a family at home, then shop around, get the mail and greet my grandmother. And yet we have a cold like a beam and our throats hurt that we can hardly talk. It doesn’t pay to go through a cold. Not only will the problem bother you for much longer, but you also face complications. Plus, you’ll infect other people unnecessarily.

By going through a cold, you beg for a lot of problems. “By cold we mean a viral disease of the upper respiratory tract with a milder course. During the transition, usually motivated by work commitments or caring for the family, we do not give the body a chance for an adequate response of the immune system and subsequent recovery, and so minor or major complications may occur.”

1. The treatment will take longer

Instead of spending three days in bed, you sniff and cough for two weeks. You suppress the symptoms of the disease, instead of giving the body space to lie down and heal. Sometimes it would be enough to just slow down for a few days and go to bed and you would do without all sorts of lozenges against sore throats and nasal sprays.
In addition, if you go to work, even if you are not well, you still do not work full time. The body cannot fully work and fight the disease.

2. You will be weakened and tired

People who get through the disease are very tired and lethargic. Their ability to concentrate is weakened and all activities that require concentration are compromised on performance.
In addition, such people catch every bacillus that flies around them. The organism is exhausted and the immunity is weakened.

3. The disease gets worse

“The condition can be complicated by an associated bacterial infection.” A harmless cold can develop into a disease that only antibiotics can handle. For example, a cold can easily turn into bronchitis, and it can easily turn into pneumonia.

Respiratory infections can go through a long-lasting cough to asthma. And if you don’t cure sore throat properly, you can even play with autoimmune kidney inflammation and other problems.

4. Heart failure is imminent

The virus with which the body loses its fight can spread rapidly from the area of ​​the nasopharynx and bronchi to other parts of the body, it can even reach the heart.

In the most serious cases, a viral disease of the heart muscle, so-called myocarditis, can occur. Such a patient may then develop acute heart failure.This can easily happen to young, until then healthy people. It often ends in death.

5. You will infect others

In addition to being sick for an unnecessarily long time, you are not very considerate of others if you have a cold. You are spreading the disease, both at work and anywhere else among people.
Most commonly, viruses are transmitted by droplet, either by direct airborne transmission over a meter to a meter and a half, or indirectly, through contaminated objects that may be up to eight meters from the source of the infection. Some droplets are so small that even the air flow will continue to support them.

How to treat?

First of all, we should think about preventive measures to avoid infection as much as possible. It will help a proper lifestyle, enough vitamins, exercise and, of course, avoid an environment where there is a risk of infection.

Self-treatment consists mainly in slowing down and getting a good rest. It is necessary to supplement with vitamins, especially vitamin C, which “eats” viruses and we can eat it up to 500 milligrams a day. We should follow a drinking regime and monitor the temperature. It is not necessary to clot it up to 38 degrees, because the body fights the disease itself with increased temperature, until fever above 38 degrees Celsius is better to clot it with drugs: paralene, aspirin or ibuprofen.

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