How to get rid of Dark circles and bags under the eyes?

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Do you want it to start in the morning with a beautiful look and good mood? According to statistics, almost 80% of women after the age of 25 are dissatisfied with what the first hours after waking up in the morning look like! And the main cause of dissatisfaction – tired appearance and bags under the eyes, which automatically increase age.

The skin around the eyes is up to 3 times thinner than the rest of the face. It has significantly fewer sebaceous and sweat glands, so the skin can very easily lose water. That is why dehydration, illness and stress first manifest themselves here, but even a sleepless night. Our lifestyle is first reflected in the eye area.

Causes of circles and puffiness under the eyes

Circles under the eyes are a common problem, especially in winter. Although we can mask them with various make-up, we will not solve the cause of circles under the eyes. Reflex zones on the face tell us that specifically circles and bags under the eyes mean weakening and overloading of the kidneys . According to traditional Chinese medicine, from November 15 to February 14 is the period when the kidneys are most weakened and endangered.

If sacs form under the eyes, it indicates a large weakening of the kidneys, which has probably not been addressed for several years. In order to have healthy skin and a beautiful eye area, it is necessary to detoxify the body from the inside as well.

If we proceed to detoxify the body, it is worth noting that it does not end with the kidneys. Supporting proper kidney function is certainly a step in the right direction, but it is paramount detoxification of the small and large intestine and liver. But it is advisable to wait for spring, it is certainly not advisable to detoxify the liver in the winter.

Eye care

It should be noted that proper care of the eye area can dramatically rejuvenate our appearance . And it doesn’t start with proofreader. The first signs of aging appear around the eyes around the age of 25, and around the age of thirty we can already observe fine wrinkles. Because the skin around the eyes has a different structure than the facial skin, it also needs different care. We always choose products that are designed directly for the eye area .

We should therefore involve special care already in the period when we perceive the first changes in the elasticity of the skin, certainly in the period when we are beginning to make up. The use of eye cream at a younger age will help to look youthful in later years. Prevention is fundamental in this regard . We show the best care for our eye area not only with quality cosmetics, but also with enough sleep, quality food and adherence to a drinking regime.

How to care for the eye area?

Always apply the eye cream to clean and thoroughly removed skin . Before applying the eye cream, carefully remove the eyes and skin and cleanse them with make-up removers. This will ensure better absorption of active ingredients and prevent the accumulation of substances in your skin that generate free radicals .
Use skin care products around the eyes in the morning and in the evening. During the night they help regenerate the skin, in the morning they protect the skin from the adverse effects of the external environment.
Choose the right products . If you are aiming to reduce the first signs of aging or directly wrinkles and fine lines, as well as relief from dry skin, choose a denser consistency that will restore hydration in the skin. If you intend to reduce swelling of the eyelids and remove the bags under the eyelids, choose a water-based gel consistency.
Do not make mistakes when applying the cream . Apply the cream only on solid parts around the entire eye area (do not omit the area under the eyebrows, which is later responsible for the sagging and falling eyelid). Avoid only the moving eyelid. From the outer corner, tap the product under the lower lid towards the inner corner, then from it through the upper lid to the eyebrows back towards the outer corner. The touches must be very gentle and light, as rough application of the cream can lead to the skin under the eyes, wrinkles and sagging skin.
Use regular face masks designed to care for the eye area.
Wear sunglasses so that you do not squint unnecessarily and do not deepen wrinkles.

How to avoid pouches under the eyes?

If you have swollen eyes in the morning, the first aid for you will be Hydrogel pads under the eyelids . They will help you to firm the delicate skin of the eyelids and make it more elastic. Thanks to the active components, the pillows can change your eyes in a few minutes. You will achieve the most visible effect if you put the pads in the fridge for at least 10 minutes before applying.

For regular care, we can recommend Sheep placenta anti-wrinkle eyelid cream or Zhenfei Lifting Eye Cream Gel. N apomohou relieve puffiness of the eyelids, alleviates puffiness and dark circles. With regular use, the skin around the eyes gains elasticity and brightens.

The Vita Derm line has been developed for very sensitive skin . The soothing protective cream for the eyelids contains a strong hydrating complex of four different forms of hyaluronic acid, regenerating and soothing complexes, as well as effective beta-glucan, panthenol and sodium hyaluronate.

Dark circles under the eyes

As in the case of swelling around the eyes, it is first and foremost appropriate to strengthen the kidneys .

If you are looking for a product for regular care of the eye area, choose, for example, Concentrated Fucoidan Wrinkle Eye Gel or Snail Mucin Eye Cream . The unique composition of these products is the right choice, especially if you are struggling with dark circles under the eyes, because it aims to alleviate traces of fatigue and at the same time reduce the amount and depth of wrinkles around the eyes.

Express regeneration serum for the eye area will provide you with express care . You can use the serum once, when you need to quickly restore skin tone and get rid of traces of fatigue. Or they can be applied as a treatment for 10-15 days for deep and complete skin renewal. Suitable masks for the eye area are, for example, the Crystal Collagen Mask for Eyelids from the Collagen Active line and the Intensive Tibetan Herbs skin complex around the eyes .

Vibrating eye massage aid
This device looks like glasses. But you will certainly not take them to the city for shopping. What can this tool actually do and for whom?

These are special massage glasses that fit snugly on the face and gently affect the eyes and their surroundings. With the help of pneumatic, vibrating and infrared (thermal) massage, the aid acts on specific points that are located around the eyes. It can also improve a person’s mental state. The vibrating massage aid relaxes the muscles around the eyes and helps to relieve tension. Gentle vibrations stimulate blood circulation, relieve the feeling of pressure in the eyes and ensure healthy sleep. Calm relaxing music provides total relaxation and rest.

The basis of their effectiveness is an oriental acupressure healing technique – massage acting on certain bioactive points.

Thanks to the built-in massage equipment, the muscles relax, irritation, sharp pain and the feeling of “sand in the eyes” disappear. It even helps many from migraines. The appearance and condition of the skin around the eyes is visibly improving. Swelling and bags under the eyes are reduced. Facial tissues are saturated with oxygen and metabolism is normalized. It helps eliminate eye fatigue, helps prevent nearsightedness, helps reduce wrinkles and effective rejuvenation . Thanks to muscle relaxation, the vibrating massage aid maintains beauty and youth, helps prevent changes caused by aging skin around the eyes, improves skin tone and elasticity.

It acts on the eye area in three ways at once:

Pneumatic massage acts on special points in the area of ​​the eyes and temples by compressing and releasing air pressure. This speeds up microcirculation and exchange processes in the tissues, normalizes skin tone and relieves eye tension.
Vibrating massage acts on special points in the area of ​​the eyes and temples by means of vibrations. This restores and improves eye function, reduces swelling, tightens the skin around the eyes and looks younger.
Infrared or thermal massage . It has a thermal effect, helps microcirculation. Pleasant warmth perfectly complements the procedure and increases its effectiveness. Gentle warming relaxes mimic and eye muscles. This feature is especially useful if you need to relieve nervous and physical tension and relax as much as possible.
An unconditional plus of massage is audio therapy. Thanks to this built-in function, you can choose a relaxing melody with the sounds of nature or download your own, which will help you relax and get a pleasant experience from the procedure.

It will serve well for those who expose their eyes to long-term stress, spend a lot of time at the computer or behind the wheel, work under pressure and sleep poorly.

After all, it is better to prevent problems than to fight them later.

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